• Tips To Stay Productive

    Procrastination is the root of all evil. More often than not, we find ourselves on Netflix instead of getting our work done. The television becomes more important than what our boss assigned us. If you ever wondered how to fight these temptations, we’ve got you covered. Here are some quick tips.... View Post
  • Meet Rudy Currence. He is a Youtube artist with an amazing voice and story. He is best known for his cover of Miguel’s Adorn. The video has been played a whopping 980,000+ times. Help Rudy get to a million plays by checking out his YouTube video.   Rudy first discovered he could sing at the age ... View Post
  • Ever get the instant chills by hearing someone sing? Meet Alex Serra. He is a singer currently living in South Africa. We came across his "At Last" cover by Etta James on Youtube (240,000+ plays). Listen to it and I promise you will get what I mean by "instant chills." We were lucky enough to i... View Post
  • Youtube has always been a platform singers could use to get their names out. People like Justin Bieber would be nowhere without it. Meet Olly Chamberlain, a young and talented singer from London. His latest youtube video has been played 140,000+ times. We were lucky enough to interview Olly ... View Post
  • Travel Tips

    If you plan on traveling soon, this list is for you. Too many times, people travel and they stress themselves out because something goes wrong. The whole point of traveling is enjoying the experience of being somewhere new. You're not going to appreciate that novelty if you're too focused on ... View Post
  • The History of Headphones

    Headphones have become such a vital part for every day life. Without them, the morning commute would be terrible. Walking home from school or work would almost be unbearable. Flying planes would be completely miserable. How else are we supposed to watch movies on those long flights? With hea... View Post