Ever get the instant chills by hearing someone sing? Meet Alex Serra. He is a singer currently living in South Africa. We came across his "At Last" cover by Etta James on Youtube (240,000+ plays). Listen to it and I promise you will get what I mean by "instant chills."

We were lucky enough to interview Alex and figure out what some stuff about his background.

"I remember being seven, living in Pittsburgh with my family, and my parents would always tune to this radio station called 'Wish for Lovers'. Amazing soulful classics came out of the radio- Aretha, Stevie, Donna, Whitney, voices that would sooth my soul. In my attempts to imitate the growls, falsettos and delicate vibes of those artists I started tapping into what music is all about for me these days." Its no wonder why Alex chose to cover the Etta James classic At Last.

Alex has been on the road for the past three years. "Everywhere I go, without exception, I hear music that seems to hug my heart and caress all my wounds away," Alex says. He has traveled all over the world from Colombia to different parts of Africa like Cape Town.

"Usually it's the most humble people that strike my attention, from that blind man playing his guitar -in vertical position - sitting on a crate in the streets of Cape Town, to that trio singing beautiful harmonies and guitars in the touristy crowded streets of Salento in Colombia, to that crippled drunk old man who plays his broken guitar with a sim card as a pick," Alex recalls.

 Alex has been in South Africa for the past 18 months. "I met a wonderful artist in Cape Town and he invited me to become part of this new project called Native Young. I have learnt more musically in this period of my life than ever before, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this time with this beautiful group of souls," Alex says. Native Young is a group of soul singers who have formed a collective. 

As a closing note, Alex exclaims "I wish you lots of light and remember the sun is always shining above the clouds."

 To hear more of Alex's music click here.

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