Youtube has always been a platform singers could use to get their names out. People like Justin Bieber would be nowhere without it. Meet Olly Chamberlain, a young and talented singer from London. His latest youtube video has been played 140,000+ times.

We were lucky enough to interview Olly and discuss some of his inspirations. 

"I was always singing as a kid. It was many years later when I discovered my own voice. I was 14 when my brother told me I sounded interesting. He's the closest person to me so when he said I could sing, I believed him" says Olly. 

At his age, we wondered what were some of Olly's inspirations. He had some pretty smooth tastes. He mentions artists like Stevie Wonder, Allen Stone, Frank Ocean and John Legend as some of his influences. 

"For me, being an artist is having something to say. Being able to sing is just half of it", Olly says. Its no surprise that someone with those sort of thoughts would be working on an EP.

"For this past year I've been working on my first EP. Over the last three years I've been uploading covers onto my YouTube and only showing a small part of me. This EP is my first step into the world as an artist. There's definitely things in there that are real to me. And it's easier to sing about that stuff than to talk about it. I'll have to send you guys a copy when it's out... "

Olly has an amazing talent. Click here to view more of his videos. Stay tuned to Paww Talk for updates on his EP. 

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