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Ever wondered about the origins of Father's Day?

  Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and father figures to complement Mother's Day in celebrating parenting. It is usually celebrated in the US on the third Sunday of June, though the officially recognized dates vary from country to country.    The first observance of father’s day took place in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908, organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton. She had been mourning the loss of her father and wanted to honor the lives of fathers who had been lost in a mining disaster during the same time in Monongah, West Virginia. Unfortunately since West Virginia did not officially register the holiday the first recognized celebration was held two years later on June 19, 1910, through...

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For the Love of Song Giveaway

Victor Hugo, the famous 19th-century French poet, novelist and dramatist once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” Many of us can tie our passion to music to one important moment—be it your first concert or first record you purchased. One of the earliest memories that I have of listening to and falling in love with music was Michael Jackson's Thriller. Every time that I listen to that song, I am still reminded of my childhood, watching MTV and patiently waiting for the music video to be played!  The team here at Paww loves their music, and we would like to share that love with you! This February, we are giving...

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PAWW TALK: Alex Serra's "Etta James" Cover Goes Viral

Ever get the instant chills by hearing someone sing? Meet Alex Serra. He is a singer currently living in South Africa. We came across his "At Last" cover by Etta James on Youtube (240,000+ plays). Listen to it and I promise you will get what I mean by "instant chills." We were lucky enough to interview Alex and figure out what some stuff about his background. "I remember being seven, living in Pittsburgh with my family, and my parents would always tune to this radio station called 'Wish for Lovers'. Amazing soulful classics came out of the radio- Aretha, Stevie, Donna, Whitney, voices that would sooth my soul. In my attempts to imitate the growls, falsettos and delicate vibes of...

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PAWW TALK: Olly Chamberlain's Youtube Cover Gets 140K Plays

Youtube has always been a platform singers could use to get their names out. People like Justin Bieber would be nowhere without it. Meet Olly Chamberlain, a young and talented singer from London. His latest youtube video has been played 140,000+ times. We were lucky enough to interview Olly and discuss some of his inspirations.  "I was always singing as a kid. It was many years later when I discovered my own voice. I was 14 when my brother told me I sounded interesting. He's the closest person to me so when he said I could sing, I believed him" says Olly.  At his age, we wondered what were some of Olly's inspirations. He had some pretty smooth tastes. He mentions...

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Does Listening to Classical Music Affect our Brains?

  Researchers have a coined a term called the “Mozart Effect”, which refers to the hypothesis that listening to classical music by composers like Mozart will make the listener smarter.  While this seems crazy, let us point out the fact that there's a farm in Italy where farmers play Mozart to cows for better milk. Seem crazy?  A study conducted by the University of California concluded that listening to Mozart actually helps the brain solve problems. The study took 36 students and had them complete a series of problems. A portion of students heard no music, some heard sounds that were meant to relax; the other portion of students heard Mozart. Of course, the students who were listening to Mozart scored better...

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