Meet Rudy Currence. He is a Youtube artist with an amazing voice and story. He is best known for his cover of Miguel’s Adorn. The video has been played a whopping 980,000+ times. Help Rudy get to a million plays by checking out his YouTube video. 

 Rudy first discovered he could sing at the age of 3. “I sang Deck The Halls for my Pre-School Christmas program. I think that's when my family discovered that I could sing,” Rudy remembers. At the age of 6, Rudy learned how to play the piano. He’s been singing ever since.

Singers like Whitney Houston, Usher and Diana Ross were known to have began singing in churches. Rudy is no different. “My brother Mykal Star and I grew up singing and playing together in my Father's church  and throughout school as well.”

In terms of inspiration, Rudy has some great artists he looks up to. “I record song ideas on my phone almost everyday. Also, I am inspired by so many great artists that came before me like Michael Jackson, Prince, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, The Hawkins Family, James Taylor, Sam Cooke and too many more to name.”

Here’s what Rudy had to say about his next project:

“I just released a new single 'Royal Blue' from my forthcoming album "The Coronation". I'm excited about the music. It has a lot of regal themes and symbolisms which I think we all need to be reminded of in today's music. This project is soulful but also has an international appeal. My goal is to write songs and make an album that will be timeless. I'm also excited about working on my Inspirational Album which is still untitled. Stay tuned... I promise the music will be worth the wait.”

We are definitely excited to hear what this talented guy has to bring to the industry. To listen to his single, click here. We’ll keep you all updated on Rudy updates.

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