Travel Tips

If you plan on traveling soon, this list is for you. Too many times, people travel and they stress themselves out because something goes wrong. The whole point of traveling is enjoying the experience of being somewhere new. You're not going to appreciate that novelty if you're too focused on everything going according to plan. Relax, and enjoy some of our best travel tips.

1) Make a List:

No matter where you are going, you're going to want to make a list of things you're going to need. We recommend making a list long before your trip. You are bound to forget things if you are thinking about what you need a day before traveling.

2) Try Couch surfing

If you're traveling and can't really afford to pay for hotels, you should look into Couch Surfing. It's an online community where people literally let you stay on their couch for free. Couch profiles have reviews, so you'll know whether or not you're staying with a crazy person. It's also a great way to have a local show you around. Couch hosts are always friendly.

3) Get Lost on Purpose

I've been to more countries than I can count. I have found that its great to get off schedule sometimes. Getting lost on purpose will bring you somewhere you would have never been to otherwise. Step out of your comfort zone. This is a great way to discover new hobbies, foods and people. If you're worried about an area being dangerous, make sure you travel with some sort of map. It also helps if you do this in broad daylight.

4) Pack Lightly

You're going to want to limit how much you drag along on your drip. Just bring the essentials: toothbrush, some clothing and a good pair of headphones for your long flight. If you pack too much, it will slow you down. You're going to want to be on the go.

5) Write Stuff Down

You are traveling to make memories. Unless you have superhuman memory, you're not going to be able to remember everything. Its good practice to write down your favorite memories from your trip. That way, you can go look back at them whenever. Make your trip last forever!



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