Mondays are hard for everyone. After a long weekend, taking the train or driving to work can seem like an unbearable task. The traffic and overcrowded subways are enough to drive anyone mad. However, we have found some tips that may make your life a whole lot easier. 

Don't Snooze:

If you press the snooze button often, this will throw your body's alarm clock off schedule. A change in your sleep pattern will put you in a bad mood and leave you feeling tired for the whole week. 

Eat Smarter: 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you're on the go and don't have time to make a huge breakfast, that's fine. Foods like oatmeal, whole wheat cereal and bananas are perfect for energizing your morning. The more energy you have, the easier your commute will be. 

Work out in the morning:

Wake up earlier to fit a work out in. According to Chief Science Officer of the American Council of Exercise, "Morning workouts result in better energy levels throughout the day and give you more mental alertness and sharpness."

Use Audio Books: 

Many people overlook the use of audio books. When you're on a train or driving, it can be hard to sit down and read a book. Audio books are the perfect way to overcome this issue. You can use audio books to:

1) Learn a new language, 

2) Improve yourself, or learn a new skill, 

3) Or you can also entertain yourself with a novel of your choice. 

Listen to Classical Music: 

Studies show that our brains are larger in the morning. When we wake up, our brains are extremely active. Why not use this time and do something that will make you even smarter- i.e. listening to classical music. Click here to check out our previous article on how classical music is making us smarter. 

Check out the Paww WaveSound 2 Headphones. They have noise canceling technology that will block out ambient noise and make listening to your favorite audio book or music more enjoyable. 

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