If you are using ear buds to listen to music, you may want to read this. 

 The number of teens with hearing loss has jumped  33% since 1994. To figure out why, we did some digging. According to an audiologist from Wichita State University, people who play music loudly with ear buds are more likely to suffer from permanent hearing loss. 

 Ear buds are different from over-ear headphones. Ear buds don't block outside noise as effectively as over-ear headphones, which makes users listen to music louder than required. Ear buds emit a lot more sound of 110-120 decibels (decibels are measurements used to determine the intensity of sound) to counter the loss of sound. Researchers say that listening to music at over 85 decibels leads to hearing loss. 

 To preserve your hearing, you're going to want to check out headphones that go over your ears and offer noise canceling capabilities. If over the ear headphones just aren't your style, keep your volume at half, even if it is your favorite song playing. 

Image via Daily Tech

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