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SoundBox 10

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The market is currently flooded with soundalike speakers. Buying a compact speaker doesn't mean you have to compromise on sound, quality or looks. While some manufacturers use gimmicks and celebrity endorsements to convince you to buy, Paww focuses on a very simple principle. Provide premium quality products that look and sound fantastic, while also being long-lasting and durable.

Let us introduce you to the beautifully designed Paww SoundBox 10. It starts with an elegant body, machined out of one piece of aluminum, to which we add two high-quality neodymium drivers, and a passive bass radiator to produce a deep, satisfying sound. The Paww SoundBox 10 doubles as a conferencing center and comes with two connectivity options (Bluetooth and 3.5mm cable), an easy to use touch panel and NFC. 


Premium unibody construction

We use a single block of aluminum to carve out the beautiful casing for the Paww SoundBox 10, using CNC machines. This gives the case amazing tensile strength while ensuring that the weight is kept at a minimum and providing you with a beautiful, seamless design, that will attract attention wherever you take it.

Impressive Sound, booming bass

A specially engineered passive radiator system, combined with an acoustically designed slot, ensure a depth in sound that you would not expect in a speaker of this size. It also has patented signal processing technology to ensure sound clarity, across the frequency range.

Phone conferencing center

Now you can convert any Bluetooth enabled phone into a conferencing center. The Paww SoundBox 10 utilizes sensitive microphones and advanced noise-isolating technology to ensure crystal clear noise capture.

Seamless pairing with NFC

Pairing any NFC-enabled phone to the Paww SoundBox 10 is a breeze with NFC. Simply tap your phone to the speaker, and you should get a notification on your phone asking if you would like to pair the device. No more shuffling through your settings, and trying to find the device through a list of Bluetooth connections.

Keep the party going

A single 4-hour charge gives you 8 hours of continuous listening when using Bluetooth. This ensures that you're never caught out without music at those summer barbecues. 

What's in the box 

  • 1 Paww SoundBox 10 speaker system
  • 1 Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1 3.5mm auxiliary cable 
  • 1 Instruction manual


The Paww SoundBox 10 comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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